A little bit more about me

For years I loved taking photos of everyone and everything, so the decision to become a photographer was an easy one. I have always found photography fascinating, and love the idea of capturing someones moments of joy so that they have them for a lifetime to look back on.
When I bought my first DSLR camera, I began doing event photography for Harvey Nichols and moved on from there to Wedding Photography. For many years I have also worked in hospitality, so I love talking to people and ensuring they get what they want, I like to think I have carried that over into my photography. I am unobtrusive, preferring to shoot with natural light than flash, and aim to capture more of the magical incidental moments than set up shots so a lot of my clients book me for my natural photography.

I shoot with a Canon 6D, with a variety of Prime and zoom lenses. I edit my own photos and editing time is included in all packages. Though I don’t have a Studio as yet, one can be rented out for portraits if you require.

For larger jobs I have several reliable second shooters (a second photographer). I am based in the Leeds/Wakefield area but can travel for jobs. If you are having difficulty with wedding planning, I can also suggest excellent hair and make up artists, florists, videographers and more.